General Info

JIPMER Central Stores

Procures and supplies most types of furniture for use in the hospital, institute, hostels and various offices. Procurement is done through annual tender. The process of procurement is elaborate, with calling for samples, evaluation of the samples, orders to the firms providing approved samples, inspection of supplied materials and acceptance/rejection of supplies. A committee of high-ranking officers, as well as experts, carry out the inspection of samples and supplies. Only those samples/supplies that conform to our specifications are accepted. Occasionally, when furniture is required urgently, procurement of furniture is done through Kendriya Bhandar or governmental agencies and supplied to departments after inspection.

Instrument Stores

Procures and supplies various instruments, surgical sutures and common medical devices (intravenous cannula, catheters, suture needles, inter-costal drainage sets, suction drainage sets, urine drainage bags, sterilizing/disinfecting solutions, jars, bins, trays, containers etc.) to all the user departments. Procurement is done through annual tenders. The process of procurement is elaborate, with calling of samples, evaluation of the samples by the user-departments with adequate documentation of any rejection and orders to the firms providing approved samples. Any supplied material found to be not conforming to the samples or lacking in quality in any way, as reported by the user-departments, is rejected and asked to be taken back by the firms. The procurement and supply are carried out under the supervision of a committee of experts. Occasionally, when items are required urgently or new items are to be procured, procurement is done by calling for limited quotations.

Contingent and Sanitary Stores

Procures and supplies miscellaneous items such as detergents, sanitary items, implements, pesticides, security shoes/kits, uniform footwear, battery cells, chemicals for fumigation, plastic buckets etc. Procures and supplies disposable polythene bags for hospital waste management. Procurement is by limited quotations for most of the items except polythene bags, which are procured through open tender. The procurement procedure is supervised by a committee of officers and experts.

Condemnation Stores

Unserviceable items of all types such as instruments, furniture, equipment, etc. are received here after they are certified as condemned. The items are sorted and disposed of by public auctions. The revenue thus earned is deposited in the government account. A committee of officers supervises the condemnation and disposal process.