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JIPMER Central Library


The Central Library, JIPMER was established in the year 1957 at the erstwhile Medical college Buildings at Puducherry. It was shifted to the Banting Hall, JIPMER in the Year 1964. The central Library was finally shifted to the present centrally air-conditioned building and continued functioning from January 12, 1973.

Digital Library JIPMER Library underwent a major digital transformation in the year 2016 and is presently a full-fledged digital library with most of the resources procured in digital format. JIPMER onsite Library webpage can be accessed through Offsite access can be accessed by eligible users through the website

Eligible Users and Membership Faculty, students of JIPMER and other medical and para medical staff, students undertaking project work in JIPMER upon collection of refundable caution deposit. Short time permission for JIPMER alumni and for outside persons is considered at the discretion of the Director, JIPMER. Remote offsite access facility is restricted only to faculty and students of all courses in both campuses of JIPMER. All other staff and retired faculty are eligible to use all resources through JIPMER library and through institute and hospital IP addresses.

Temporary Membership  Alumni of JIPMER studying in outside colleges and teaching faculty who have retired or resigned from JIPMER are permitted to use the Library onsite facility with the approval of the Dean (Research), JIPMER and Chairman of the Library Committee. The Alumni are permitted to use the Library reference facility upon payment of non-refundable user fee of Rs 50 /- per day for the period granted by the Chairman, Library Committee as per his discretion. They will be given a temporary pass to use the Central Library facilities.

SC/ST Book Bank Rules

Undergraduate Students of MBBS and B.Sc., Allied courses who are eligible for issue of textbooks under SC/ST Book Bank Scheme may visit the Central Library for issue of books as per rules provided below.  The issue of books will take place between 9.30 AM to 4.15 PM on all working week days during the month of February and August.  Eligible students can approach the Library during this time, for issue of books under this scheme. 


  1. SC / ST Book Bank facility will be available for SC / ST Scholarship Students of JIPMER, free of cost.
  2. Book will be issued under this scheme to the SC / ST scholarship students of JIPMER from all branches on first come first served basis provided they apply in prescribed format to the Library.
  3. Each eligible candidate will be issued a set of books depending upon availability of books and demand.
  4. Each set is issued for a maximum of completion of the semesters per year depending on the number of semesters in each year. (1styear, 2nd year, 3rd year & 4th year)
  5. The books must be returned after the yearly exams and a no-due form from the Librarian should be submitted before procurement of books for the next year.
  6. No books will be issued without the no due form from the Librarian after first year.
  7. If the students want to retain / re-issue the books in case they have not cleared the exams then they may do so after obtaining permission from the Librarian.
  8. Borrower shall be responsible for any damage or loss caused to the books and shall be required to replace the same or latest edition of the same books or the entire cost of the books.


  • Central Library, JIPMER, will announce issue of books under SC/ST Book Bank scheme twice a year, on the first week of February and August each year.
  • The issue of books will take place between 9.30 AM to 4.15 PM on all working weekdays during the month of February and August.
  • Eligible Students can approach the Library during this time, for issue of books under this scheme.
  • The books which remain unissued will be kept in the bookshelves under Reference Section for use as reading resource by all students. These books will not be issued to others at any time.


The working hours of the Central Library is on a 24 x 7 hour basis all-round the year.

Staff Pattern

The functioning of the Central Library is guided by the Dean (Research) JIPMER who is the Chairman of the Library Committee, under the supervision of Officer-In-Charge of Central Library, Dr. G. Sivaraman, HOD & Addl. Prof. Dept. of ENT, JIPMER

Designation Number
Assistant Administrative Officer 1
Library Clerks 5
Multi-tasking service staff 1
Daily Rated Labour and Outsourced cleaning staff 4

Library Committee Members

Name Position in Committee
Dr. D.M. Thappa Dean (Research) Chairman
Dr. Jagdish Menon, O/I Purchase Section Member
Dr. B.V. Sai Chandran, Professor of CTVS Member
Dr. Pampa Ch. Toi, Professor of Pathology Member
Dr. T. Kadhiravan, Professor of Medicine Member
Dr. Mrs. M. J. Kumari,Vice Principal College of Nursing Member
Dr. Debasis Gochhait,M.S. Associate Professor of Pathology Member
Dr. Raveendranath, Additional Professor of Anatomy Member
Mr .M. Shanmugam, Assistant Administrative Officer Member
Mr. R. Baskar, Accounts Officer Member
Dr. G. SIVARAMAN, Additional Professor and Head, Dept. of E.N.T Officer-In-Charge, Central Library
Last Updated :03-Apr-2023