Ongoing Project:

  • Association of Prevalence of undernourishment with social, economic, environmental and sanitary factors - A Panel data modeling approach for cross-country aggregate longitudinal data.
  • Comparison of different data imputation methods for dealing with the missing data in clinical research.

Completed Project:

  • Multivariate approach to multiple correlated outcomes in healthcare evidence synthesis.
  • Multivariate approach to statistical modelling with multiple related outcomes in health care data.
  • Cluster Analysis of Signs & Symptoms among patients with Acute ST Elevation Mycordial Infarction in a Tertiary Health Care Hospital in South India
  • Estimation of national burden in terms of potential years of Life Lost due to Suicides and its Spatial and Temporal patterns in India.
  • Choosing between Poisson distribution and Zero inflated Poisson distribution on count data.
  • A causal network mediation model to predict the Low Birth Weight of the child: Analysis based on NFHS-4 data.
  • Spatial and Temporal pattern of the national burden due to Road Traffic Accidents in India.
  • Comparison of Binary Logistic Regression model with Linear Discriminant function for prediction and classification of malnutrition among under five Indian children – An exploratory analysis based on NFHS-4 data.
  • Comparison of decision tree with Logistic Regression as Classification Model for predicting the outcome in patients with Head and Neck cancer.
  • Comparison of different classification models to predict the treatment outcome among patients with Acute Kidney Injury.
  • Interim Analysis Guidelines Adherence during the Design, Conduct, Analysis and Reporting of Randomized Controlled Trials.
  • Exploring various statistical models for predicting anaemia level among women in the reproductive age group 15 – 49 years using NFHS-5 data.
  • Comparison of different Spatial Regression Models for predicting childhood anaemia in India – A Secondary data analysis on NFHS data.


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  • Bayesian Network Model for the prediction of Binary Outcome in Clinical Research.
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