JIPMER Talk Show

Everyone wonders about the future.. where will we be in, say, ten years, or twenty?
Let's take a glimpse into the past (or is it the future)- as we talk to JIPMERites who've made us proud!
The first talk is by Dr. Vijay Aluri, JIPMERite of the batch of 1998, currently working as a Rheumatology Consultant in the Physicians' Clinic of Iowa.
But that's not all! He is an all rounder. A formidable TT and Chess champion, Sir also held the post of L&D Secretary back in 2001.
So mark your calendars, because this stimulating and engaging conversation will take place on October 3rd, at 6pm IST.
The talk will be moderated by his batchmate Dr. Vikas Menon.
Stay tuned for the Zoom link!