Bhagwat Award awarded to Senior Resident in Psychiatry at ANCIPS, 2018

Dr. Pooja Patnaik Kuppili, Senior Resident, Dept. of Psychiatry, JIPMER has been awarded the prestigious “Bhagwat award” at the 70th Annual National Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society, 2018 (ANCIPS 2018) held at Ranchi from 5 – 8th  February 2018 for the paper titled “Biological rhythms in Bipolar Disorder: Is it a state marker or trait marker?”. Dr.Vikas Menon (Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry), Dr. Vigneshvar Chandrasekaran (Junior Resident, Department of Psychiatry) and Dr. Karthick Naveen (Junior Resident, Department of Psychiatry) were the co-authors.