Quality safety

Quality and Safety

Introduction to JIPMER Quality (JQC)

By Patient Safety, we mean prevention of harm to patients while receiving health Care. Medical errors during health care delivery are one of the most important causes of morbidity and mortality. Medical errors not only result in additional costs for hospitalization, litigation, hospital-acquired infections, lost income and disability but they also cause erosion of trust, confidence, and satisfaction among the public and healthcare providers. Patient safety should be the central driving force towards achieving high-quality health care.

History of JQC

In August 2012, under the initiation and leadership of our former Director, Dr. T.S.Ravikumar, all the departments, and division of JIPMER were asked to nominate one member for creating an innovative multidisciplinary team which will work towards improving patient safety and quality of healthcare at JIPMER. Close to seventy members were nominated by each department and divisions of the hospital. As an initial step, these members were trained by an In-house CME and Workshop with internal and external faculties as resource persons in 20th October 2012. After the initial orientation and training through CME cum workshop, JIPMER Quality Council (JQC) was created by our Director on the same day.

Functions of JQC

Members of JQC are called as JIPMER Quality councilors. These quality councilors will act as patient safety champions and will act as the nodal persons to educate other healthcare workers in their own departments and divisions about the science of patient’s safety. They will have regular intra-group and inter-group discussions/meetings to find out JIPMER specific solutions to issues related to patient safety. They will also implement deliverables each month and bring the feedback to the monthly JQC meeting which will be conducted every month. This is a modified version of PDSA (Plan Do Study Act) cycle used in quality improvement.

Bidirectional Rapid cycle learning model (i.e., “train the trainer to train the end user” and getting the feedbacks at every level) will be used to educate each and every healthcare worker of JIPMER.

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