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Academic schedule for undergraduates

Every July 50 second MBBS students enter our department and we are handling from third to fifth semester. The academic year generally lasts till the end of November. During the academic period students will have Pharmacology lectures thrice in a week and Pharmacology practicals including computer assisted learning in the afternoons of Monday and Friday. Notified internal assessment tests conducted periodically to assess the students’ progress as well as quizzes and MCQ tests are conducted to assess their subject knowledge. The year ending examinations are conducted in December/January of each year.

Departmental activities

  • April 2020, A Matching puzzle work named Sweet 16- Power point contest on Drugs for Heart Failure
  • May 2020, Colour of the day I contest .A puzzle work using Google forms titled "Bluetiful "
  • May 2020, Colour of the day II-Fun filled educational activity using Kahoot titled -"Are you REDii?"
  • May 2020, Colour of the day III -A puzzle work using Google forms titled “Blacknificent”
  • September 2020, Meme contest - Drugs acting on Central Nervous System. Meme templates created by students – creative learning activity
  • Monthly intra/ inter departmental meetings- Journal clubs, Drug reviews and Newer updates
Notice board
1Dr. Divyashanthi C M, AP, Pharmacology, JIPMER Karaikal has won second prize in poster presentation event at IMA - academy of meDownload (788.71 KB) pdf
2National Pharmacovigilance Week CelebrationDownload (484.5 KB) pdf
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