Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research

Important Information

Important Information about Sponsored Clinical Trial Research Committee (SCTRC)

1.) Sponsored Clinical Trial Research Committee meeting will be conducted depending on the availability of proposals.
2.) Proposals can be submitted at any working day.
3.) Separate circular will be sent inviting proposals for the SCTRC meeting.
4.) Proposal submission:

a.) Fresh proposal: Regular SCTRC meeting:  10 (Proforma can be downloaded from JIPMER website)

b.) Resubmission: 5 copies need to be submitted

5.) Annual report submission: 3 copies need to be submitted every year, including project completion report. (Proforma can be downloaded from JIPMER website).
6.) Regular SCTRC meeting: This will consider all the proposals for sponsored clinical trial studies.
7.) Serious adverse events, if any have to be notified to SCTRC within 7 days.
8.) The composition of Sponsored Clinical Trail Research Committee is available at the JIPMER website.