Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research

New Year message from Director


Greetings & Message from the Director

Good bye 2014!!         Hello 2015!!

I wish you all the best in all your endeavours this year and may 2015 be another successful year for JIPMER.

During 2014, we celebrated our Golden Jubilee & the efforts to reach the targets set for ‘JIPMER 50’ should be continued in 2015.  Starting now, we shall dream about ‘Ecole de Medicine de Pondicherry 200’ to be celebrated in 2023 – the goals & targets to be enunciated as we kick start the campaign soon.

Now, on to the deliverables in the coming three months during my remaining tenure:

  1. Plan Projects:    The ongoing projects will go on in rapid pace – screening OPD/Geriatrics/Dental Block ; SSB-II extension; Employee Quarters; Modernization of old hospital;  Compound wall.  We will submit to the next Standing Finance Committee meeting the following projects Pneumatic Tube Conveyer system; 110 KVA power substation; Multi-disciplinary Advanced Research Center; Employee Wellness Centre; Medical Mart and a few more in the works.  Tender process for JIPMER International School of Public Health (JISPH) building construction is completed & we await the go head from the Ministry.
  2. Collaborative Projects with Rotary will be completed very soon:  A new drinking water facility (main boulevard across from SSB); day/night shelter with canteen and vocational rehab center at Curie House; as well as additional toilets near the entrance replacing to the old unused toilets.
  3. In keeping with Clean JIPMER & Swatchch Bharat, we launched a PPP campaign at KV School on Childrens’ day.  This Personal Pollution Prevention campaign will be rolled out in a robust fashion shortly – details to follow.
  4. Curriculum Redesign & Board of studies – We shall accelerate completion of modernizing our curriculum, supported by new teaching/learning methods.  To enable timely completion, I have asked Dept. of Medical Education to take the lead on this & contribute to our academic pursuit to make us #1 in medical education in the nation.
  5. e-Hospital – While we implement fully all the modular aspects of building a fully electronic health record (EHR),  we will depute a multidisciplinary team to visit NIMHANS as well as Tamil Nadu Hospitals to review NIC and TCS models of EHR, towards completing e-hospital in 2015.
  6. Employee Orientation & SMART JIPMER program – Initiated in 2014, this should be implemented across all domains of our system.  Along with this, Employee Handbook will be brought out very soon.
  7. Biometric Program Accountability:     In 2014, in keeping with our overall goals of efficiency & accountability, we implemented ‘Biometric Attendance System’ (BAS) in three places; Admin Block, Nursing Office & WCH.  Concurrently, Dept of Plastic Surgery phased in their departmental system.  To date, the stakeholders in Admin, Nursing & WCH have not used the information; while Plastic Surgery model is serving as best practice in JIPMER.  This implies that having the technology alone will not suffice; the processes & outcome measures need to be place.

The goal for 2015 starting January 1st, is to have the departments, units, divisions etc. monitor compliance & report to Faculty Admin on data and actions taken.  Plastic Surgery model may be replicated across institute.  In 2015, we will work with NIC to implement Biometrics across the organization, to comply with our Prime Minister’s mandate to fully implement BAS.  The timeline for this goal is January 31st, 2015.  An implementation meeting with NIC was held in 30.12.14 for reaching their goal.    

  1. Financial Performance – Financial sustainability will be predicated on revenue generation through Hospital stoppages, Insurance reimbursement, peer reviewed research grants, philanthropy, academic pursuits, contracts etc.  Efforts will be enhanced in the coming months in all these fronts.  System wide participation at all levels will be required.
  2.  Biomedical Waste Management – We are putting all the bricks in place to become a best practice institution in this regard.  All employees must view the nice video developed last month, become familiar with the process & contribute towards the JIPMER model being the best in nation.
  3. New Interdisciplinary Programs of Excellence – Two such programs will be unveild in the first quarter of 2015: comprehensive Breast Center and Liver tumour program.  An extension of liver program, will be to bring in Liver Transplantation in 2015, so that we will be a full fledged multi-organ transplant Center.
  4. OT output continues to be suboptimal.  While we have enhanced personnel recruitments in terms of Nursing, MTS, Faculty etc, the number of operations performed continues to be a concern.  Perhaps I will have to involve myself now at the grass roots level to optimize our performance.
  5. Quality measures – Mandatory participation in infection Control & weekly Morbidity/morbidity meetings in every department should happen this quarter so as to make a dent in “Hospital Acquired Infections” & hospital mortality.
  6.  Efforts will continue to fill all vacancies despite many factors that continue to impede this effort.
  7. Unit based accountability & 360o evaluation process implementation will continue. Once again wishing you a great Year!!