Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research

Emergency Medical Services


1.  Faculty List:         

Head of the Department: Dr. Jagdish, Senior Professor, Surgery

Assistant Professor: Dr. Rama Prakasha. S

General Duty Medical Officers

1. Dr. Singaravelu. K.P

2. Dr. Joseph Alexis

3. Dr. Hadar Basha

4. Dr. A. Vadivel

5. Dr. N. Balachandar

6. Dr. R. Sugumar

7. Dr. Sunil Jadhav


2. Background Information of the Department:

Emergency Medical Services Department caters to a very large population from a wide area bordering Vellore, Cuddalore, Villupuram, Ariyalur, Thanjavur, Nagappattinam, Thiruvrur & Thiruvannamalai districts. All kinds of medical and surgical emergencies are being treated in the EMSD including Polytrauma, Poisonings, Emergencies in medical and surgical specialties, burns etc. EMS has been functioning since the inception.

The ground floor of EMSD consists of Triage desk, Evaluation desk, Emergency ICU with 11 ventilators, procedure room, Emergency Imaging with X-ray machines, CT scan and Ultrasound. Partially equipped Minor OT and dressing room is functioning round the clock for fulfilling the needs of the patients. In order to cater to the emergency referral services, EMSD is provided with 3 ambulances equipped with life support systems.  As soon as the patients come to casualty, they are attended by EMSD team, stabilized, treated and referred to specialty duty teams Medicine, Surgery, Neurosurgery, Ortho, CTVS etc. Short stay patients are admitted in 1st floor in EMSD for continuation of treatment, beds totalling to 40 Nos. including both male & female separately.  Emergency OT situated in the 2nd floor of EMSD, along with post operative Ward & CCCU. The Emergency OT is equipped with 3 OT tables and averages of 400-450 operations a month, functioning round the clock. It also has separate ID OT for gas gangrene cases. The third and fourth floor consists of Trauma ward, Trauma-OT and Trauma-ICU. The fifth floor is exclusively for burns cases with Burns-OT and Burns ward.

Statistics of patients attended Casualty during 2012 – 2013

Month & Year

No. of patient attended Casualty

April, 2012


May, 2012


June, 2012


July, 2012


August, 2012


September, 2012


October, 2012


November, 2012


December, 2012


January, 2013


February, 2013


March, 2013



3. EMS Laboratory

Biochemical Laboratory is functioning with Lab Technicians round the clock for various investigations like blood urea, blood sugar, serum amylase, serum creatinine, ionized calcium, ionized magnesium, sodium, potassium, creatinine kinase direct, creatinine kinase total, bilurubin total, bilurubin direct, SGOT, SGPT, troponin – I card test, heamoglobin estimation, packed cell volume, serum ALP, total protein, etc.

Statistics of Laboratory Services during 2012 – 2013

Month & Year

Total samples received

Total Investigations conducted

April, 2012



May, 2012



June, 2012



July, 2012



August, 2012



September, 2012



October, 2012



November, 2012



December, 2012



January, 2013



February, 2013



March, 2013




4. Education Courses:

The ongoing practical and clinical training include medical interns and residents, nursing students, nursing interns, paramedical students and EMT students& interns. The first batch of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) has completed their internship training during the month of September 2013.

5. Conferences and CMEs Organized by the Department:

  1. Workshop on Fire Safety in Hunter theatre on 7/12/2012.
  2. Workshop on Triage and Acute Resuscitation for doctors, nurses, and EMTs on 22.2.2013. (Dr. Bernard Corrazza, consultant Emergency Physician, Canada).
  3. Workshop and Training on Emergency Medical Services by Dr. Donna Venezia; State University of New York, Stony Brook; from 11/5/2013 to 17/5/2013.
  4. Workshop on “Initial Management and Clinical Governance” at EMSD by Dr. Arun Nandi; Columbia Memorial Hospital, United States from 15/7/2013 to 20/7/2013.

6. Recent Developments

Renovation and Modernization of the Department: The Renovation work was started in the month of June 2013 and the set-up for the Fast-track area, new registration counter along with the police booth, Patient waiting area, and Injection counter has been established.

Triage: For proper categorization of patients according to Emergency Severity Index (ESI), Team triage of all cases attending the casualty was started in the month of July 2013.

Injury Surveillance: Ongoing internal project named “Injury and Trauma Surveillance” was started from 9th September, 2013 for the data collection and Surveillance of all medico-legal and Trauma cases attending the casualty. This project is done by the PSM department in collaboration with the department of EMSD.

ISEMT 2014: As a part of year long golden jubilee celebrations, JIPMER is hosting International Summit on Emergency Medicine and Trauma from 12/2/2014 to 16/2/2013. Webpage: www.isemt2014.com

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