Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research

Departmental Administration


At present the Department of Paediatric surgery has a 16 bedded general ward, four bedded pay ward and a four bedded burns ward.  There also is a Paediatric Surgical ICU with facilities for accommodating upto 6 neonates.

The department  runs Out Patient Services on all  six(working ) days of a week with an average attendance of 80 patients (30 new patients and 50 follow up patients) daily on an average 250 minor procedures are performed per month  including Prepucial adhesiolysis, vaginal synechiae release, incision and drainage of abscess, Anal calibrations, dilatations, circumcisions, lymphnode biopsies in the OPD.  489 major surgeries (291 elective surgeries and 198 emergencies) have been carried out last year of whom 35% are neonatal operations.

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