Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research

Departmental Administration

Teaching staff

Unit I

Dr D.K.PATRO(Senior Professor)

Dr Murali Poduval(Additional Professor)

Dr Nataraj A.R.(Associate Professor)

Dr Sandeep.K. Nema(Assistant Professor)

Unit II

Dr JAGDISH MENON (Professor & Head)

Dr Deep Sharma(Associate Professor)

Dr Gopisankar @ Balaji(Assistant Professor)

Senior Residents

Dr Varun Krishna

Dr Gipson Samuel

Dr Swagat Mahapatra

Dr Sisir k Sahoo

Dr Tushar Ranjan Dalei

Dr Suresh Kumar

Dr Gayadhar

Dr Anand

Postgraduate Students: SIX per year

Internship students on rotatory basis

Non-teaching Staff

 Office Staff

Mr G. Velmurugan (Private secretary)

Mr A. Srinivasa Rao (storekeeper)

Mr S Susaisamy (Peon)

Technical staff

Ms Santhy George (Lab Technician)

Mr K Kaliaperoumal (OT Technician-Plaster)

Mr P. Kumar (OT Technician-Plaster)

Mr K Arun (OT Technician-Plaster)

Mr R Babu (OT Technician-Plaster)

Mr R Kamatchi (OT Technician-Plaster)

Mr T K Mani (OT Technician-Plaster)

Mr P Krishnamoorthy (OT Technician-Plaster)

Mr M Paramsivam (Plaster Assistant)

Mr S Mohanasundaram (Plaster Attendant)


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