Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research

Departmental Administration

Departmental Administration
Department of PSM at JIPMER


Assistant Professors-5

Senior Residents-3

Junior Residents-15

Rural Health Center, Ramanathapuram

Medical officers-2

Other staffs-15

Urban Health Center, Kurusukuppam

Medical Officer-1

Other staff-9

Conferences and CMEs Organized by Department

1)     “3rd Short Course on Basic Epidemiology” at the Department of PSM, JIPMER from 5th to 10th November 2012.

2)    A course on “Efficient, Quality-assured Data Capture using EpiData” for medical college professionals working in close collaboration with Revised National TB Control Programme, was organized on 9th and 10th March, 2013 at the Department of PSM, JIPMER in collaboration with the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases (IUTLD)

Research Projects

Sl. No.

Name of Principal Investigator

Title of Project

Duration   of Project (From… To…)

Funding Agency and Total Funds   Sanctioned

Collaborating   Institutions / Departments

Status   (completed in FY 2012-13 or ongoing)


Dr.   Gautam Roy

“Effectiveness of a health education intervention   project on the awareness and practice of breast self-examination among the   nursing staff of a tertiary care hospital in Puducherry, South India”

IAPSM   Ford Foundation Epidemiological Grant


2. Dr. Sonali Sarkar Community Based Intervention for   Depression among Elderly  Indian Council of Medical Research   (ICMR) Ongoing
  3.   Dr. Sonali Sarkar Trend of permanent sterilizations in   women after implementation of family planning insurance scheme   Ongoing
      4.       Dr. Ganesh Kumar Prevalence of depression and its   associated factors using Beck’s Depression Inventory among undergraduate   medical students of JIPMER, Puducherry       2011-2012       Nil       Ongoing
    5.     Dr. Ganesh Kumar Prevalence and determinants of   mental disability using Indian Disability Evaluation and Assessment scale in   Puducherry     2011-2013     Intramural Rs 137000     Ongoing
6. Dr Sitanshu Sekhar Kar Prevalence of injuries among rural   and urban population of Puducherry Ongoing
8. Dr Sitanshu Sekhar Kar Prevalence and annual cost of hypertension   care at JIUHC 2 years(March 2013-Feb 2015) Intra mural Funds2012-13 70,000 INR 2013-14 67,000 INR   Nil Ongoing
9. Dr Sitanshu Sekhar Kar Implementing Student centered   learning methodology in Community Medicine 12 months(Sept 2012- July 2013) No funding Nil Ongoing
10. Dr Sitanshu Sekhar Kar Implementation   of Healthy workplace model in Industrial setting of Puducherry Ongoing
  11.   Dr Swaroop Kumar Sahu   Assessing the   Effectiveness of Community Leaders in Driving Mass Diabetes Screening Program   at Primary Health Centres - A Community Intervention Study   1 year   Ongoing
12. Dr Swaroop Kumar Sahu   Injury Surveillance   Network in JIPMER, Pondicherry - A Hospital Based Descriptive Study 1 year Ongoing
  13.   Dr. Swaroop Kumar Sahu Study the prevalence of Diabetes   Mellitus among the Tuberculosis patients registered under the RNTCP in urban   areas of Pondicherry   2 years   Ongoing
  14.   Dr. Swaroop Kumar Sahu Study on monitoring the nutrition   status of under-5 children by facilitating growth monitoring by their mothers   –A quasi exp. study   2 years   Ongoing

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