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The department of Radio diagnosis was started in the year 1961 as the Department of

Radiology comprising of the departments of Radio-diagnosis, Radiotherapy and Nuclear

Medicine. The First officer of the Department of Radiology was Dr. K.D. Reddy. The

Department of Radiology separated into the departments of Radio-diagnosis and

Radiotherapy in 1990.

The Department of Radiology had the following equipment 700 mA X Ray machine, 200

mA X Ray machine,100 mA battery operated mobile unit and Conventional fluoroscopy

machine at the beginning. Several state-of-the-art equipment have been purchased over these

50 years. Ultrasound scanner with pulse Doppler facility was installed in our department in the

year 1988. The then state-of-the-art Whole body Spiral CT scanner, the first of its kind in India

was installed in JIPMER in the year 1994. Currently, the Department is located in three blocks

namely the main hospital block, super specialty block and emergency medical services. We are

equipped with two state-of-the-art 1.5 tesla MRI systems, three CT scanners (out of which one

is a 64 slice CT scanner), two 1000mA digital image intensifiers, one 500 mA IITV,

Mammography, four ultrasound scanners, multiple X ray units, automatic film processors and

computed radiography units in. Robotic CT tool positioner installed in 2011 aids in performing

complex CT guided interventional procedures and nerve blocks precisely and fast with better

patient compliance and less radiation exposure.Picture archiving and communication system

(PACS) inaugurated in November 2013 will enable effortless and prompt viewing of all imaging

studies by the clinicians in their OPD, wards and work areas.

The successive list of HODS from 1961 was Dr. K.D.Reddy, Dr. Bhattacharya, Dr. I.S.

Dusaj, Dr. K.K. Srivastava, Dr. O.P. Sharma, Dr. S. Elangovan and Dr.S.Vivekanandam.

The department presently has got six faculty and the present HOD is Dr. K. Nagarajan

First diploma course (DMRD) was started in the year 1972.First M.D. course was started

in the year 1981.There were three post graduate seats per year till 2013. At present, the

department trains 7 MD postgraduate students every year. MD, MS, M.Ch. and DM residents

of various departments undergo rotatory postings in the department of Radio-diagnosis and are

trained in the imaging aspects relevant to their specialities. Undergraduate MBBS students and

students of allied paramedical courses are also trained on the basics of Imaging.

The department is committed to excellence in patient care, education and contributes

regularly to research activity from all specialities of the Institute.

The department of Radio-diagnosis offers quality diagnostic imaging services to all

patients attending the main hospital, super specialty block, emergency medical services and

regional cancer centre.

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