Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research

Departmental Administration

The Department has six independent functional units, each headed by a faculty member.

Head of the Department: Dr. R.P. Swaminathan

Clinical Service

Faculty in-charge

Unit I & Hypertension Clinic

Dr. R.P. Swaminathan

Unit II & HIV Clinic

Dr. Abdoul Hamide

Unit III & Geriatric Clinic

Dr. D.K.S. Subrahmanyam

Unit IV & Hematology Clinic

Dr. T.K. Dutta

Unit V & Respiratory Clinic

Dr Vivekanandan

Unit VI & Diabetes Clinic

Dr. T. Kadhiravan

Office Staff

Sentamije Selvy, Store Keeper

S. Krishnan, Stenographer Grade II

Laboratory Staff

M. Velmourgan, Technical Assistant

Abitha Begam Saleem, Lab Technician

Sujatha Rajish, Lab Technician

V. Rajendiran, Lab Attendant

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