Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research

Outpatient Services

There are about 4,700 patients visiting to JIPMER every day to nearly 20 specialties and more than 25 special clinics which are introduced in the after-noon’s as per the schedule.  The average admission per day is 180 and Bed strength 1608.

            The patients who are all coming for treatment at first visit they can be categorized as new and old.  In new case registration counter the Medical Record Personnel’s are obtaining the particulars from the patient’s sociological data’s, nature of illness.  The same is fed into the Computer, the printed Short Term Card / Comprehensive Case Record (C.C.R.) with Identity Card is issued to the patient which has the patients’ details.  Short Term Card is for acute conditions or five spells of attendance and it is valid for one year only.

            The patients who are having complaints of Obstetrics & Gynecology and long term treatment like Tuberculosis, Cancer etc., they are issued a C.C.R directly which is valid for 5 years.  If the patient is admitted the same will be valid for 10 years.

            In case, the patients lose their ID cards, the sociological data are collected from the patient, the Hospital Number will be traced out from the Alpha Index Card Cabinet / Computer, they will be issued a duplicate ID card for their further treatment by issuing old case record of the patient and directed for concerned services.

            For the subsequent visits, the patient can get their record from the respective out-patient (Counters) by submitting their ID card to the patient guides.  The patient guide enter the Hospital number in Patient Guide Register, date and service, unit in the tracer card and provide the respective record to the concerned patient.  After completion of OPD services/treatment/consultations, all the records are collected by the Medical Record Messengers and sorted into Male and Female.   The same records are arranged in a numerical order and filed in the permanent rack by the Medical Record Clerks.   So when the patient comes to Casualty (Emergency Medical Services) or OPD, the M.R.D. Staff can issue the respective records immediately without any delay.

            All the Laboratory Reports, ECG Reports etc., are received from the various departments and mounted in the respective OP records by the Medical Record Clerks.  The similar procedure is followed for mounting the laboratory reports daily.

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Registration timings:

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