Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research


The central workshop of JIPMER has been performing mainly the repair and maintenance of equipments  and  instruments used for medical education, scientific research, hospital and patient care services. In addition to the repair and maintenance, the fabrication works and procurement of new equipments  and   instruments are also carried out in the Central Workshop.

Repair and Maintenance

The repairing of  refrigerators, water coolers, deep freezer, cold room, ice machine, cold storages, trolleys, sterilizers. geysers, wooden items, re-canning, etc. are being done in the workshop. Apart from the above, maintaining the AC plant, emergency power supply, buildings are also carried out from time by time.

Fabrication works

Assembling water coolers, cold storages, air conditioners, sterilizers, geysers, centrifuges, trolleys, etc are being done in the central workshop.


Machinery  and equipments like lathe machine, grinding machine, drilling machine, arc & gas welding machine, sandering machine, saw machine, etc. are  kept available for day to day works of Central Workshop. The consumable and non consumable items for repairing and fabrications works are being purchased through annual open tender and maintained in a store room for day to day issue. The items like telephone instruments, geysers, water coolers, refrigerators, etc. are also being procured and issued through Central Workshop based on the requirements received from various departments of JIPMER.