General Info

The Department of Radiotherapy has grown into a full-fledged cancer centre since it was accorded the status of Regional Cancer Centre (RCC) in 2002. Radiation Oncology offers services to around 3000 new cancer patients and around 40,000 patients on follow-up every year, a majority of them include those with cancers of the Uterine Cervix, Head & Neck andBreast. Advanced Radiation Treatment techniques namely Image-Guided External Radiation, Intensity Modulated Radiation and Imageguided Brachytherapy are offered using state-of-theart treatment machines. Availability of adequate experts in the field of radiation oncology and medical radiation physics and the massive patient inflow paved way for delivering high quality training to the residents of Radiation Oncology program and the students of Medical Physics and Radiotherapy Technology. Poster/oral presentations of the research work done by our residents and faculties are routinely presented in many regional/national conferences. The aim of the department is to deliver the best possible care to patients with all the available resources, to impart high quality training as well as to contribute in making RCC JIPMER, a leader in Oncology in the world, while retaining good team spirit with other departments of Regional Cancer Centre and JIPMER.

Facilities offered by the Department of Radiotherapy include:

•  Teletherapy units: One High precision dual energy linear accelerator CLINAC iX with OBI and ECLIPSE version 10.0 TPS capable of 3D-CRT, IMRT, IGRT, VMAT, Electrons, SBRT teletherapy; One Single energy linear accelerator for conventional teletherapy; One Cobalt-60 teletherapy unit.

•  Brachytherapy units: Nucletron microselectron HDR brachytherapy unit and Varian Gamma Med Plus iX HDR brachytherapy unit.

•  CT-simulator and conventional simulator.

•  One 500 mA X-Ray unit; one 100 mA mobile X-ray unit.

•  Brachytherapy including intra-cavitory, intraluminal, interstitial & mould therapy.

•  Day care & inpatient chemotherapy and blood irradiation for transplant of stem cells.

•  Palliative care services including home visits by trained personnel.

•  Hospital Based Cancer Registry.