For imparting scientific knowledge and communication skills to the patients, the following essential services are rendered to all the patients of JIPMER Hospital:

  1. Guidance and Help.
  2. Counselling to outpatients.
  3. Health Education and Motivation.
  4. Bedside counselling to inpatients.
  5. Family intervention and Rehabilitation for inpatients.
  6. Poor patient’s Chest fund for the procurement of life saving drugs and travelling expenses.
  7. Railway and Bus concession certificates to Orthopedically Handicapped/ blind/Mentally retarded/ Deaf &Dumb/ Non-infectious Leprosy/Thalassemia /TB and Lupus vulgaris/Cancer/Heart/Kidney/Hemophilic and Immune-compromised patients.
    1. Networking with State and Central Govt. organizations, NGOs and private donors.