General Info

The department is successfully functioning from the Regional Cancer Centre since May 2009. The department is equipped with 12 beds for inpatients, 10 daycare beds, 4 ICU beds and 2 BMT beds. The state of art intensive care unit for the care of critically ill cancer patients was started in September 2010.

It is well equipped with multi-parameter monitors, infusion pumps, continuous oxygen supply and ventilator support. The Regional Cancer Centre is provided with 17 special ward beds.

The department started its fellowship programme in Medical Oncology in 2010 with an intake of 2 students per year. In the year 2011, it started its first DM programme in Medical Oncology with an intake of 2 students per year. The department is actively involved in teaching activities and assessment of various postgraduate students posted in the department. The main goal of these teaching activities is to orient postgraduates in the specialty of medical oncology.

The department started its first bone marrow transplant programme in January 2013. It is well equipped with state of the art equipment like the Laminar hood for sterile chemotherapy preparation, Deep freezer (-80 degree Celsius) for stem cell storage. The transplant room is provided with laminar flow and HEPA filters.

The department faculty actively take part in various specialty tumor clinics (Surgery and Breast oncology clinic, Hemato-oncology clinic, Gynec-oncology
the clinic, Ortho tumor clinic, Lung cancer clinic) during the afternoon sessions.

The department also actively participates with the department of pathology in a clinicopathological meet conducted twice monthly for discussion of challenging cases.

The department has actively participated in the Telemedicine activities with various hospitals. The Telemedicine facilities have improved discussion related to challenging cases and better patient care.


OPD Services & Tumour Clinic:

OPD Services & Tumour Clinic:
Time: 9 AM onwards
DAY OPD ( 9 AM onwards) Tumour Clinic (2.30 PM Onwards
Monday Transplant Clinic Surgery
Tuesday General Oncology Head & Neck
Wednesday General Oncology Gynaec Oncology
Thursday General Oncology  
Friday General Oncology Onco path clinic (1st and 3rd Week) Ortho Tumor Clinic (2nd and 4th week)

Day Care Beds: 12 Nos.

Minor OT Procedures:

Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy – Monday & Thursday

Central Venous Cathethers, Intrathecal Chemotherapy – All days

In-patient services: Bed Strength Male – 6, Female – 6; ICU – 4; BMT – 2 & Special wad -10

Statistics for the year 2012-2013
OPD attendance (New) 1116
OPD attendance ( Old ) 13277
Support group clinic 835
Inpatient admissions 1275
Chemotherapy delivered 12157
Bone-marrow biopsy 252
Intrathecal chemotherapy 187
Central venous catheter 80
Bone marrow transplantation 1
The total number of patients receiving treatment in the dept. of Medical Oncology from Arpil’12 to March’13 is 564.
Sl.No. Diagnosis Adults Paediatrics
1 Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 6 38
2 Acute Myeloid Leukemia 3 8
3 Breast 105 0
4 Colorectal 29 0
5 Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia 7 0
6 Chronic Myeloid Leukemia 48 3
7 Gastric 48 0
8 Hodgkin Lymphoma 13 13
9 Non Hodgkin Lymphoma 52 5
10 Lung 58 0
11 Multiple Myeloma 9 0
12 Ovary 31 6
13 Neuroblastoma 0 5
14 Others 21 33
15 Soft Tissue and Bone Sarcoma 14 10
  TOTAL 443 121