Departmental Administration



The department had an OPD attendance of 70,586 in its four sections dealing with skin diseases (both male and female), venereal diseases and Hansen’s diseases. Special OPD clinics included follow-up patients with Vitiligo, Hansen’s disease and other chronic dermatoses like psoriasis etc. Dermato-surgical procedures done at OPD included punch grafting for Vitiligo, electro-cautery, PUVA therapy and cryosurgery. A total number of 647 patients were treated as in-patients.


S.No Name Total Nos
1 Skin Scrapings for fungus 4223
2 Nail Clippings for fungus 509
3 Hair Clippings for fungus 103
4 Gram Smear 1900
5 Tzanck Smear 1001
6 Hair Shaft Examination 44
7 Oil Mount Examination 91
8 Wet Mount Examination 93
9 Ziehl-Neelson stain for Lepra bacilli 430
10 Ziehl- Neelson stain for Tuberculous bacilli 155
11 ESR 90
12 Urine analysis 631
13 Stool for occult blood 143
14 Stool for parasites 578