Departmental Administration



22 operation theaters provide Clinical Care anaesthetizing on an average of 15,000 patients annually and providing Critical Care to about 400 patients in the 6 bedded state-of-the-art critical care unit (CCU). A number of patients are referred to the CCU from other departments of JIPMER and hospitals from different parts of the State. The facilities for ABG (Arterial Blood Gas), invasive and non invasive monitoring, cardiac output monitor (Both thermodiltion and flow counter technology), and PFT are available at the CCU. Extending pain relief beyond the confines of the operating room led to the start of an Acute Pain Service and, Chronic pain services where pain relief procedures including celiac plexus, Stellate ganglion, lumbar sympathetic block are provided for referred patients. Anaesthesia outside the operating theatre includes challenging procedures in Interventional Radiology, Cardiology, Neurology, Gastroenterology and Radiation Oncology, ESWL and ECT. The department is actively consulted by all for Resuscitation, Respiratory assessment, Ventilator management and Invasive monitoring.