Circular - I year PG orientation programme for MD/MS students


Sub: I year MD/MS PG Orientation Programme - Jan 2019 batch– Reg.

Dear Heads of the Departments

The orientation program for first year MD/MS post graduate students will be held from February 12 onward

The post graduates will be divided into 2 batches; Batch A and Batch B

Batch A will be having the program on the following 3 days

February 12, February 19 and February 26

(3 consecutive weeks on Tuesdays)

Batch B will be having the program on the following 3 days

February 14, February 21 and February 28

 (3 consecutive weeks on Thursdays)


Clinical Departments 

The following clinical departments are requested to prepare the list of students in two batches

Anaesthesia, Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, ENT, Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ophtahlmology, Orthopedics, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Pulmonology, Radiodiagnosis, Radiotherapy, Surgery

One half the residents should be allotted to Batch A for attending the sessions on Tuesdays

The other half of the residents should be allotted to Batch B for attending the sessions on Thursdays 

This will help the clinical departments to handle the clinical work easily as they have to send only half of the residents for any session. 

However if any of the above departments wants to send all their first year residents as a single batch instead of allotting to Batches A and B, please inform us immediately

Please make the division of residents in to Batch A and Batch B such that students the session does not fall on a busy day such as OPD day or when the resident will be sleepy such as a post night duty day.

This should be decided as per their posting in different units in the month of February as the sessions will be held in February

Clinical departments are requested to send your list of residents allotted for Batch A and Batch B on or before 05.02.2019

Please reply to pgopjipmer[at]gmail[dot]com


Pre and para clinical departments

Post Graduates from the following departments are allotted to Batch A

Anatomy, Biochemistry, Forensic Medicine, Immuno Hematology & Blood

Transfusion, Pathology

Post Graduates from the following departments are allotted to Batch B

Preventive and Social Medicine, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Physiology

Once allotted the resident should continue to attend the sessions with the same batch and should not switch batches after the start of the sessions

The program schedule will be sent shortly

With regards


Dr. M. Vivekanandan, Professor of Medicine and HOD, Dept of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Madhan, Additional Professor, Dentistry

Dr. Sree Rekha, Associate Professor, Pathology