Future Plans

Under the twelfth five year plan JIPMER aims to set up a school of Public Health and Establishment of an Institute of training for Health workforce for an outlay of 150 crores rupees. It is expected that we hope to produce a well-trained workforce to implement all the public health programmes throughout the country. The establishment of an Institute of Allied Health Sciences which will focus on Paramedical Courses will add to health manpower strengthening in the country.
As the prevalence of non-communicable diseases has started increasing in India, a Centre of Research, Training, and Management of Non-Communicable Diseases is also planned. In addition to the augmentation of undergraduate and postgraduate seats in the various U.G/P.G and super specialty courses, it is planned to start an institute of Dental Sciences and an institute of pharmaceutical sciences. JIPMER will reinforce its place as the innovator in the field of medical education with the opening of Center for Health Profession Education and Curricula Reform and the Centre for E-Learning, M-Learning and Distance Education/Skill Labs.
Patient Care
The unparalleled hospital service given by JIPMER will be embellished by the introduction of services in newer super-specialty, and specialty areas like Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, Foetal Medicine, Medical Genetics, Neonatology, etc. In addition separate units/departments/centre such as Advanced Neuro-Vascular Unit, Development of Advanced Pediatric Centre, Upgraded Critical Care in Department of Anesthesiology, Pain and Palliative Care Centre of the Department of Anesthesiology and Neonatal Anesthesiology, Clinical Immunology, Interventional Medicine, Laser Urological Services , Endo-Urology Services, Robotic Surgery, Stereotactic Surgery, Nuclear Imaging Technology such as PET Scan, Breast Clinic, Vascular Surgery Unit, Minimally Invasive Surgery Unit, Centre of Renal Sciences Centre of Endocrinology etc., will be set up for an expenditure of 200 crores.
An additional 50 crores will be spent on up-gradation of Trauma Care and Burns unit, setting up an Artificial Limb Centre, advanced wound therapy and research center, Laser Cosmetology Centre and Centre for Dermato-Surgery. JIPMER will enhance its outreach by providing services to the rural areas with the setting up of eight outreach centers at an expenditure of 20 crores.
There are plans for setting up of Organ Retrieval and Banking Organization (ORBO) including Cadaveric Liver Transplant, Corneal and Retinal Services, Eye Bank, Bone Bank and Organ Transplantation Center and the Establishment of Department of Transfusion Medicine for 50 crores.
The present regional cancer center which is providing yeoman service to the people from Pudhucherry and neighboring states by providing the most expensive services and medicines free of cost will be augmented by procurement of State-of-the-Art Equipment and consolidation of Medical, Surgical, Oncology Services and increasing the number of beds at a cost of 30 crores.
A center for Psychiatric illness and an advanced Respiratory Diagnostics and Interventional Laboratory will be set up for 10 crores each. The existing laboratory service will be expanded by spending 50 crores with the setting up of a BSL3+ facility, Centre for Antimicrobial Resistance and Centre for Hepatitis Viruses, Neuro-Virology, Neuro-Parasitology, Diarrheal Diseases and Anaerobic Bacteriology.
JIPMER aims to consolidate its position in research with the establishment of a Centre of Applied Basic Medical Sciences. It is hoped that with the introduction of courses like Molecular Biology, Signal Transduction, IntraCellular Pathways, Nano Technology, Instrumentation Technology, Neural Network, Probiotics, Prebiotics etc., we shall be able to find frontiers at the molecular level. The expansion of MARC with the special focus on cancer, genetic diseases, stem cell research and regenerative medicine will be a priority. As this will need modernization and expansion of the animal house with the BSL3 testing facility, this too will be taken up. It is hoped that with the setting up of a center for translational research, JIPMER will easily bridge the gap between the bench and the bedside. It is also envisaged that a drug testing laboratory will be established to ensure that only high-quality medicines are given to patients. All this comes at a total outlay of 140 crores.
It is also expected to spend another 140 crores on-campus development including creation of welfare/recreation facilities for students/faculty/staff, Central Canteen, Director’s Bungalow, Faculty Quarters, Multistoried parking facilities and augmentation of an electrical power supply with the creation of 110 KVa substation. The total outlay for the twelfth five-year plan is 1005 crores.